Data comes in all types of shapes and sizes. Several design, structure, load, grain, and historical considerations need to be made, and properly implemented, for an organization to gain operational efficiencies from their data.  

Organizations are demanding greater access into their corporate data, in a more timely and holistic manner.  Bringing data together, with proper design, lays the foundation for efficient reporting projects, and greater actionable data environments.

Whether you are embarking on "big-data", warehouse, reporting mart, data store, ERP or database, allow 4G BI to assist.   

Our data services include :

  • Business Requirements
  • Design – mappings, modeling  
  • ETL – load logic, trapping, auditing
  • Scripting vs packaged software
  • Performance
  • Data Cleansing
  • Quality Assurance


With over 20 years of experience, we see many organizations with various degrees of BI implementations.  Many have base-line, list, historical reporting either home grown or via an application.  Many are under-utilized or are just starting to realize all that BI can deliver – reporting, analytics, automation, corporate performance management, predictive modeling.

4G BI has a proven track record with the top BI technologies, presently in the market.

4G BI will leverage what we have done in various industries and clients and optimize what you have in place today for more automated, accurate, robust BI environment. 

With a small investment, you can gain greater automation, analytics, and a more holistic, pro-active view of your data, to make more timely and accurate decisions.  The investment is smaller than you think; the value and greater operational efficiency, quicker than you think.

Implementation Services

Our senior resources have 20 years of experience, at a minimum, bringing the highest degree of efficiency and success to the most complex projects.

Off-shoring has its place.  We feel that the most experienced and seasoned resources should be part of early planning and design phases, to best ensure the proper foundation and plans have been established by the most experienced resources.


4G BI Solutions Named Tableau Emerging Partner

Have questions with Tableau?  4G BI has implemented both large and small Tableau deployments. We understand the proper positioning for a Tableau deployment - contact us today to discuss.

4G BI - Tableau Emerging Partner



Next Steps...

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